Steven Kaiser

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  • American Studies
  • Behavior
  • Political Science
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OPSVAW 2016/2017 Graduate Student Fellowship

The OPSVAW Graduate Fellowship supports Steven's work entitled Beyond Conventional Measures: Endorsement of Intimate Partner Violence and Attitudes Toward Rape Victims.


Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science, University of Louisville (2012)

Master's of Arts in Political Science, University of Kentucky (2017)


Steven Kaiser is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kentucky in the area of American Political Behavior and Public Policy Administration. Steven's research interests revolve around attitudes toward violence and public policy preferences. He is currently working on a project examining racial attitudes and perceptions of the police and the criminal justice system. Another project looks at gender stereotypes and individuals' views of victims of sexual assault and rape. In his dissertation project Steven is exploring how honor beliefs and other predispositions help shape public perceptions of victims and violence-related policy preferences.