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About American Studies

The American Studies program at the University of Kentucky offers undergraduates a unique opportunity to study the histories, politics, and cultures of the United States from an interdisciplinary perspective. The minor attracts an outstanding group of energetic, intellectually curious students who share the faculty's commitment to crossing traditional disciplinary borders and national boundaries.

Students working toward a minor in American Studies design personalized areas of concentration that help them to think beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. With over 20 affiliated faculty from departments and colleges across the campus, American Studies integrates a wide range of subjects: history and politics; literary and cultural studies (including media, popular culture, material culture, music, and performance); race, ethnicity, and immigration; gender and sexuality; and globalization, transnationalism, and colonialism.  

The American Studies minor can prepare undergraduates to pursue a wide variety of careers.  Students can develop the expertise to go into law, higher education, the non-profit sector, secondary school teaching, social work, library science, public relations, editing, advertising, journalism, broadcast media (radio, TV, and film), government service, and  creative writing.